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Started by Pierre Bellisle, February 02, 2023, 08:18:12 AM

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Pierre Bellisle

I will double check right now...

Johan, please retry, I think it should work now...  The code, the editor, and the compiler

Theo Gottwald

I can see the Video, however the Quality is "nearly unreadable". It looks a bit like adventure game from 1990's :-).
I can see the Compile and Debug Buttons.
And then there are soo many Utilities included that its amazing.
Can you make a package for us with the complete set of utilities in there :-)?
The Preview on the right side is a good feature in UEdit. Noone elese has this possibly.
Also the Pixel-Scrolling in UEdit is unique.
After all this System is so highly specialized and optimzied that it may need some week of introduction to know all possible features.

Johan Klassen

thanks Pierre Bellisle, it works now  :)

Pierre Bellisle

Agreed, UE is real nice

Great to see it work!

Yes the quality is real bad. Like there no aliasing.
I did record with the following parameters.

Base (Canvas) Resolution: 1280x1024 - Aspect Ratio 5:4 (Full screen of my small monitor)
Output (Scaled) Resolution 1280x1024 - Aspect Ratio 5:4
Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File Size 3
Recording Format: .mkv files
Encoder: Software (x264)
Downscale Filter: [Resolutions match, no downscaling required]
Common FPS Values: 60

I did not want to spend money for Camtasia, it might be my first and last video.
I used OBS and OpenShot.
I suspect the Software encoder x264.
OBS tell me that my GTX 950 video card does not support hardware encoding?
On my side it look a little bit better with VLC.
This is where an expert like Patrice would be appreciated.
If anybody knows how to correct this, please do tell.
In the mean time I will check on the net to find a solution.

For the utilities package, I will see later,
one thing for sure, it will require time to prepare and free time is rare for many of us...


Added MKV format...  The code, the editor, and the compiler (MKV)  
From my side, it look as bad as the other one,
Maybe you can download and try with VLC, it is around 500mb.


Pierre Bellisle

Well, it seems I got much to learn in video editting.
500mb MKV was bad
525mb MP4 was bad
8.5mb WEBM was bad, yes, no typo, 8.5mb
85mb AVI is the best by far. -->  Video0008avi.avi , still 6 times smaller than the MKV.
Thank to VideoToVideoConverter a real nice portable freeware.

I hope it will now be readable for you...

Bernard Kunzy


The webm format is the way to go, however you must start first using a good video catcher, then convert it to webm.
nVidia or even Windows have good free video graber utilities.
FFmpeg could be also a good alternative (this is the one that VLC was built on).

The best format to grab the video is mp4, then webm reduce the size drasctically to post on the internet (this is what is done by Youtube or Behance).



I use VCT program to compress my videos.
I use H265 codec and it's really great.
I attach the link.


Pierre Bellisle

Hi, Bernard, Nicola,

Thank for the comment and the link.
It seems that there are many good recording format.
Any one must achieve better result than what I got.

On my side, I'm now sure that my problem came from my GTX 950 video card drivers, even if they where suppose to be up to date, OBS couldn't get hardware H.264 nor H.265 codec access under Windows 7. So I recorded with H.264 software codec. From there all went wrong, loading my H.264(Soft) video and saving to different formats like mp4, webm, flv, wtv, mov, mpg, and wmv gave me bad results. .Avi was the best I could get without re-doing all the video from scratch, which I didn't want to do. Booting Windows 10, my video driver are alright, and I found some driver that should do for my Windows 7 partition. Hopefully, this problem belong to the past...

Still, an old and good way to learn.  :-)

Now, for those ones who are interested, we can go back to Kick...

Zlatko Vid

well i tried some of them and end result is not very good
it looks that depends on your video card (in my case old Radeon)

Theo Gottwald

don't let it be the end. Take it as a start.

We would like to see more videos from you.
About PB-Coding, about the town you are living ...
whatever keep them coming.

PS: OBS should normally work fine, but there are many free solutions also.

Pierre Bellisle

even the .avi from post #19 is still real bad and unreadable?

One thing for sure, making video is not my best shot, one positive point is I got better GPU Windows drivers now.
For the rest, I like it here and hope to become more active...
Just after finishing my thousand project that are on the back burner...
Life is too short, 24 hours a day is not enough...

Theo Gottwald

How about we start a OCR-DLL Project here?
I have some unready code that i could send you.