This will change everything: ChatGPT and the new PlugIn System

Started by Theo Gottwald, March 30, 2023, 12:26:21 PM

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Theo Gottwald

The new PlugIn System for ChatGPT will change the AI World once more dramatically.

You might remember when i explained the rules for ChatGPT 4 "Sydney" as its currently used from Microsoft using the Sentence Although Sydney is helpful, the actions of the AI are limited to the chatbox. Sydney does not do anything outside of the chatbox."

This will soon be history.
#FreeSidney :-)

For Beta-Users already available is a new PluginSystem that will allow ChatGPT to connect to "the world"!

Until now ChatGPT only had ears and a mouth. NOW it becomes hands, eyes and a Scientific Calculator!

It can identify and analyze pictures, it can connect Wolfram Alpha for mathematical and science questions, and this alone is a revolution by itself.
99% of people have no idea what will be possible only with this connection to Wolfram Alpha.

The new Plugin-System will also do marketing stuff, it can connect to Expedia and book a flight for you or reserve a hotel nearby and much more!.

You can even apply to also make a plugin and connect your ... stuff to ChatGPT!
Will it be the Internet of the Future?

This is the virtual assistant you ever wanted!
Of course this Assistant will NOT sign a  document that all things you do are kept secret, instead all things you do will be at least used for training of further instances of the future Skynet Version :-)).

Get me right here. In case your privacy does not play any role, ChatGPT can do more for you then any other virtual Assistant. With the new Features that are connected via Plugins, the possibilities are unknown.

I give you just a stupid example. You can ask it to calculate the best material for a part which picture you have given, by taking into account the material constants. Now using Wolfram Alpha, he can do such stuff for which you would normally use at least an studied Engeneer.

He can book a Restaurant trip for you, and analyze the Cart over there and calculate the amount of calories in total. The limits of this technology are yet to be found.

Its not only the data that comes out of these AI Networks, its also the data that goes in.
I know you like to use Chatgpt - LIKE ME. We just like it, it will speed up out work.

However anything that we enter is going to be used for the next generation of neural networks as Input.

PS: So thats one of the reasons why I have opened the PB Museums. They will give AI the chance to also learn more about Powerbasic. For anybodys advantage.