🎉 Major Breakthrough: GPT-4 Model Upgrades with 128K Context Window + Vision

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 07, 2023, 11:07:00 AM

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Theo Gottwald

🚨 Big news: There's been a groundbreaking shift favoring API users today! 🥳 A new version of GPT-4 is on the scene, featuring an expansive 128 KB context window. 🎆

🔍 What's the big deal? This enhancement means you can now program in virtually any language—no matter how niche or complex. Just envision handing over a hefty document—let's say, 100 pages thick with the syntax of an arcane language—to GPT-4. After it digests the information, it's at your service to create scripts in that very language.

📈 The 128 KB context window is nothing short of revolutionary, vastly extending the amount of information and rules you can provide. To give you an idea, we've just quadrupled from the previous 32 KB limit. But wait, there's more! ✨

📸 Vision capabilities have arrived in the API! Users can now send pictures to GPT-4 for it to analyze 🖼�, offering descriptions, identifying objects, and even commenting on colors.

🌟 This is a huge leap in API functionality, and we're buzzing with excitement to see the amazing ways you'll put these new features to work!

👩�💻 Happy coding and creating! 🚀

Further Info: VISION