Question about the Licence for O2

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 09, 2023, 06:00:41 PM

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Theo Gottwald

@Charles Pegge

QuoteWell, maybe you know the answer to my most important question: what license is OxygenBasic released under?
I just want to know if it can be used for commercial, closed-source software.

Mail is from: (Von: Ari Chelen <ari(at)>

I would have registered him for the Forum, but he does not want to offer his contact data.
Answer here, then Ari can read it.

Charles Pegge

Hi Ari and Theo,

OxygenBasic has no licensing restrictions, but also no liability. You are welcome to use it in a commercial application with closed source as long as your software is not harmful to its users.


Do you think we could write this in the help file?

Theo Gottwald

This § will be interesting if the final program is to be used by US-Army and they calculate the bomb position with it.
So in fact the program is not harmful "to its users" (the army) ..... but in some way for their "customers". Those going to be "democratized". Like we see now in Syria.
Thinking about it, maybe you could explicitly state that its not to be used for military use :-)?

Charles Pegge

Perhaps that could be changed to "not harmful to anyone". A more demanding standard and not directly enforceable on planet earth :)

Theo Gottwald