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Started by Charles Pegge, August 22, 2007, 04:34:27 PM

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Charles Pegge

This version of $, can be embedded in a Windows or Linux application with a number of methods for interfacing and interacting with it.

There are three basic methods, demonstrated by the test code.

1  By string based command lines.
2  By reading and writing to the Script Engine's Tables.
3  By linking Script Engine variables directly to Host variables (The most efficient).

The Zip file below, contains test code and headers for FreeBasic and Powerbasic and a DLL for Windows.

The source code, written in FreeBasic is also included, but not annotated (yet!)

The test script "" looks like this:

' $ script for testing $ script interface
' 22 Aug 2007
' Charles E V Pegge

function main()              | starting function
state()                     | obtain state of engine including index of next available
                             | local variable @16
new longs,singles,zstring   |
set @10=2; @16              | trigger a suspension at then end of this line and return @16
                             | which provides the index for linking to our local variables.
singles[1]?                 | verify that we have a link
set @15=singles[1]          | copy this value back to @15 to verify that host can also read our
                             | variable tables directly
set ++singles[1]++          | pre and pot increment this variable
set singles[1]+=4.5         | then add 4.5 to it
singles[1]?                 | show the result (in console and log.txt)
end function                 |
function make_upper()        | this is a test to see if the host can insert command strings
                             | during suspension, then get them executed when the script engine
                             | resumes
set zstring=upper(zstring)  | Convert this host string to uppercase
end function                 |

Charles Pegge

The Zip below contains the Linux equivalent of the $ DLL, compiled in FreeBasic under Mandriva2007 (Mandrake Linux)

called: lib$.so

To make it visible to your application in Linux, it needs to be copied into /lib or /usr/lib.
To place it there you will normally need the top level / root access rights.

This is unlikely but first please ensure that any file of this name will not be overwritten in your system!