TypeLib Browser v. 5.01

Started by José Roca, April 16, 2011, 01:57:12 AM

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José Roca

The TypeLib Browser is a tool that allows browsing and exploring type libraries and generate PowerBASIC compatible source code to use the components that they describe.

Type libraries are binary files containing metadata that describe COM classes. They can be supplied as a standalone file using the file name extension of TLB (Microsoft Office uses the extension OLB) or embedded as a resource in the associated DLL, EXE or OCX.

PowerBASIC™ provides a similar tool, called PowerBASIC COM Browser, with their compilers, but the TypeLib Browser gives more information about the contents of the type libraries, which should be very useful to those interested in learning COM programming in deep, and has more options to customize the output of the generated code.

What is new

This version fixes a problem with SPACE$ that caused a GPF with certain type libraries such EXCEL when used in Windows XP SP3.

Franco Anzani