How To Get Started With OxygenBasic?

Started by Frederick J. Harris, January 18, 2013, 11:16:28 PM

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Frederick J. Harris

Hi Charles!

     Just downloaded the latest Oxygen Basic and unzipped it.  I'm not sure how to get started.  I see gxo2.exe and exo2.exe, which I assume are the compilers?  How would I go about compiling?  Are there command line switches or do I just execute one of those two files with the name of one of your examples as a command line argument?  Sorry if you have this info somewhere and I missed it.


Charles Pegge

Hi Fred,

The easiest way to start is to fire up Scite and load an example. Press F5 to compile and run. It uses the GXO2 compiler. (EXO2 is for command line compiling/execution.)

I rarely use an IDE myself. What I normally do is compile&run programs directly from the source script. This is done by associating .o2bas files with running gxo2.exe (right click and select properties). Then you can double click on any o2bas file to run it directly without producing an exe file.

The simplest program you can run is:

Print "Hello World!"

Bed time :)

PS: I recommend the Oxygen-in-progress version for the latest developments

Theo Gottwald

Charles, this looks like it needs to be streamlined for new users.
I know this point. As programmers we love to add "advanced features" that could impress other programmers.
However to increase the total user base, the opposite direction is also needed:
to simplify as much as possible.

Charles Pegge

Agreed, Theo. Those were developer instructions. For general distribution there will be an installer  (Inno?) and only one IDE at the front end. We are still in the play-pen.

Frederick J. Harris

Thanks Charles.  I gt it working.  I should have looked under the Tools menu.