JellyFish + Lynx and PB10

Started by Eros Olmi, March 29, 2011, 11:07:00 PM

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Frank Kelley

Downloaded the latest build (thanks, Eros!) and the rollup problem has been fixed.  On my machine, in the rolled up position I get the Lynx title bar and about half of the menu, so the roll up doesn't quite roll up all the way.  But this is a minor issue, just having the rollup working is good enough.

I checked the registry on my machine and the path to PBWin 10 is correct: C:\PBWin10\bin\PBWin.exe

When I create a deliberate error in my code in CSED and then try to compile from within Lynx, I get the correct error message #414 (I've left off a closing parenthesis):

"")" expected
  Line 654:   gRosterFile$ = GetIni(gIniFile$, "Selection", "LastRoster", ""          ' Get last roster file "

However, when I click the "Go to error" button I get an error #76 "Unable to Open File" from CSED. Lynx is trying to open the file:


When the actual path is:


If I perform the same steps using Lynx and JellyFish Pro, JellyFish will open a new (empty) file with the incorrect file name. Either way we do not go to the error location.

If I compile from within CSED or JellyFish without Lynx running, error message and cursor positioning at the error point work correctly.

Hope this information helps.

Frank Kelley

Just a follow-up:

In testing, I've found if you have a "simple" path to the source code, the Lynx error I've described doesn't occur. For example, if the path is:


Lynx correctly responds to the "Go to error" takes you right to the error every time. But if your path repeats a folder, things don't go well. This path will cause a problem for Lynx's go to error feature:


The string "MyProgram_source" is repeated, and for some reason Lynx doesn't like this. I suspect it could be due to the use of short path names, but my solution is to not repeat any folders in the path.

Frank Kelley

In working with Lynx today (creating a new project), I noticed that when I selected Options > Project Settings from the Lynx menu, then select "Run tool before compiling" to set those options, the pop-up Tool Selector dialog was completely off my screen. I could not see or select it and the only way to regain control of the Project Settings dialog was to press Escape.

Examining the Lynx INI file, the coordinates for the Tool Selector dialog were something like x=2567 y=3690. I reset these to 25, 36, saved the INI file and restarted Lynx. The Tool Selector was now visible on my screen. However, each time I close the Tool Selector dialog, it appears the pixel height and width of the Tool Selector are being added to the x/y coordinates in the INI file. This causes the dialog (on subsequent openings) to move down and to the right until it again ends up completely off the screen.

The only fix for this is to manually relocate the Tool Selector dialog to the area of the upper left corner of the screen before closing it. If I forget to do this it will eventually again creep off the screen, requiring another visit to the INI file to readjust the coordinates.

As I don't normally make that many trips to the Tool Selector dialog, I hadn't noticed this before. It only became apparent when I created three new projects in short order, setting the Tool Selector options for each one. None of the other Lynx dialogs appear to have this problem.

Paul Breen

I would like to extend my appreciation for reviving Lynx so we do not have to use the powerbasic ide except for debugging. Well done.

Fredrick Ughimi


Lynx is not working for me. Don't what I am doing wrong. Its been a long while since I used it last. I think with PBWin7. Since I am curently using PBForms/PBEdit10 now, just thought be great to add lynx to the mix.

>>If you can influence into PB world you should convince PB team to improve PBEdit transforming current "Code Finder" modal utility into something like Lynx


Fredrick Ughimi


Whenever I click to navigate it opens the project in a new PBWin10 IDE.

Does JellyFishPro works with PBForms?

Fredrick Ughimi

Navigation works well with JellyFishPro.