Tree View Inside a Combobox

Started by Olav Bergesen, August 23, 2012, 10:04:38 AM

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Olav Bergesen


Has anyone ever - with success - managed to embed a tree view inside a combobox's dropdown window list?

How should I go about to achieve this? A bit of advice would be appreciated.

The intention is to hide the treeview when it is not needed, and then show it - and operate it -
when needed, by clicking the combobox's dropdown arrow.

Thanks for your attention!
Olav B

José Roca

I dont think it's possible. A combobox is a compound control with a textbox, a button and a listbox designed to work together. You will need to find a custom control that does it (I think that I once shaw an OCX that used a grid instead of a listbox) or write your own.

Laurence Jackson

A control (e.g. your treeview) can be hidden and shown under program control using any hide/show trigger mechanism you choose. That would probably be my general approach to this kind of problem.

Peter Weis

Hi, I found three examples on the Internet. Working but not with PowerBASIC but with C + + and Visual Basic whom they might describe someone would not be bad!

regards Peter