TEXT2PDF source code using HARU PDF library and Jose Roca Headers

Started by Paul D. Purvis, June 20, 2013, 02:11:10 AM

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Paul D. Purvis

The source code to TEXT2PDF.EXE written using pbwin 10.04 using the HARU PDF Library utilizing Jose Roca's Haru PDF Library headers found on this forum.

The source and exe are in the zipped file posted in this thread.

The pdf page layout is set to a letter sized document either in portrait or landscape.
The maximum lines per pdf page are 66.
The program is written in pbwin 10.04 and is intended to run as command line program, although  output messages and errors are in a windows GUI Message Box Dialog.
The program as is now is not perfect and but the source code is given so that another can change it as they please with a pbwin 10 compiler program and Jose Roca's headers for Haru PDF Library.

Files to convert to pdf are to be text only files that have lines with carriage return and line feed ending.
Form feed characters in the text file create page breaks in the pdf output file