Crypto-Currency Hype starting!

Started by Theo Gottwald, December 01, 2013, 04:01:19 PM

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Theo Gottwald

Looks like the Forum for Bitcoins is down.
Possibly too high traffic?
A few day before i told you that right now - in the times of crypto currencies - YOU and anybody can make YOUR OWN MONEY.
And people do that.

You can read there (when the forum is up again) that tons of new Crypto currencies try to start.

"LiteCoin" and "Feathercoin" are already available and can be exchanged against US$.

"WorldCoin", "StarCoin", and "NXT" even "SexCoin" are just some of them.

And funny enough ... if you get there soon ... you will even get some of them FOR FREE!
Maybe thats the reason why the Forum broke down?

Here is another link thats quite interesting. I have invested 0.1 BTC (Bitcoin) on Thursday, and now its 0.3 BTC.
Thats a win of 02. BTC => more then 200 $ (at actual price). Since Thursday.

Cryptsi Altcoin Exchange