Get Mitsuba Spectral Render (Free)

Started by Theo Gottwald, January 17, 2016, 10:47:14 PM

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Theo Gottwald

More Details on Mitsuba Render:

Mitsuba Render Homepage

Must say that the version from Mitsuba Render that is publicly available does NOT support spectral rendering.
For this it must be compiled with a special setting.
I got this one from "acasta69" here from the Luxrender-Forum.

QuoteHello Theogott,

at the following link you can find Mitsuba (blender integration branch) compiled for Windows 64 bits and 30 Spectrum Samples:
I cannot verify that it actually works at the moment, but it did compile without errors.

Also I would not know how to make it available to anyone... And it seems to me not totally correct to do so in Luxrender forum. If you have another way to do so, please feel free to share this build.

Hope it can be useful...

Here is a download Link in case somebody else wants to try it, wether to test it or to get inspiration from it.

Mitsubas Spectral Render Version

PS: Before giving something to download, as always i have tested the file with Virustotal and from that standpoint its certified clean.
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