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Started by Israel Vega, February 21, 2017, 12:40:59 AM

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Israel Vega

Does anyone have experience with this compiler? 


Patrice Terrier

Looks like another exotic to me.
Patrice Terrier
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Israel Vega

Yes ... it looks exotic ... and maybe outdated. I was watching another compiler but that flavored the old CLIPPER. Handles DBF databases and reporting.
It looks good. I'll try it. It is not BASIC but it looks easy to encode ... like the CLIPPER.

C3 Compiler:

Although there is already a little light with PowerBasic I do not want
to make false illusions for that reason I have continued looking for. FreeBASIC looks good and with the help of Jose Roca and Paul has been greatly improved
and the syntax syntax is the most similar to PowerBasic that's why I like it too, but this last compiler also has many benefits ... I've only been testing.

James C. Fuller

While I do like FreeBasic and the work José and Paul have put forth, I stand with Patrice's views on C++. I only work with 64bit now and FreeBasic for 64bit is just a translator to c++ source using it's own internal format for classes and compiling with a MinGW gcc derivative. FreeBasic also deviates from the norm of ALL other Windows 64bit programming languages in treating integers as 64bit entities. For third party c/c++ libraries you still need to port the headers to FreeBasic syntax. José has run into a number of gotcha's where he needed to develop exotic work-a-rounds while creating his framework.
Patrice and myself have posted ports of the PowerBASIC Address example that are substantially smaller in size than PowerBASIC.
Don't believe all the fud you hear about bloated C++ because it is just not so!!!

While I do support Patrice's views I do not like to program in c++. I prefer BASIC syntax, therefore I use bc9Basic . The original BCX (which bc9Basic is a fork) was written in PowerBASIC and has a lot of the same syntax.


Patrice Terrier

QuoteI do not like to program in c++. I prefer BASIC syntax
I also prefer the BASIC syntax, but i had no choice  8)

This is the reason while if keep using this kind of syntax to help the translation (using lower case for all the keywords)
if (condition) then
end if

if (condition) {
} else {

to ease translation of curly braces, with search and replace using UEDIT32.
Patrice Terrier
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Theo Gottwald

The last version is from 2010 and its a 32-bit thing.
What is it good for?
We need something x64.