SLL granularity

Started by Patrice Terrier, March 11, 2011, 08:41:24 AM

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Patrice Terrier

For me SLLs, are a handy solution for in-house programming, to build multiples DLL or EXE re-using the same brick of code from a PBLIB (as long as there is no need to use globals).

It is very important to use huge granularity when doing SLLs, because the code is compiled at the time of the SLL creation, and everything being part of the SLL becomes part of the final EXE or DLL.

Note: SLL is not meant as a replacement for standard DLL.

Patrice Terrier
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Brice Manuel

I agree 100%.  This is something I will definitely be using in-house.

Jim Dunn

So instead of compiling my huge JIMS-COMMON.INC file into one SLL, I should plan on breaking the JIMS-COMMON.INC down into 1-function-per-SLL, and then add those 115 SLL's into PBLIB.

Then include the 1 JIMS-COMMON.PBLIB into every program, which would only link the specific functions (SLL's) that I need for that executable...

Does that sound right?

José Roca

Yes, you have got it right.