Bitcoin and Crypto is going to be very hot at least until September.

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 12, 2021, 10:49:04 AM

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Theo Gottwald

Most people do not realize whats really going on in the world of finances.
As a result they will loose every year between 10% up to 25% of their wealth.

If you prefer to watch a

So in short since hundred years, the states make a trick with you (and me).
They give you "Paper Money" and they tell you "This is value".

After you have exchanged all your productivity into this paper-Money (may it be US-Dollar or EURO),
then they will start to INFLATE IT.
Alone last year they have printed the same amount of Paper-Money like in all the 20 Years before.
And they gave it the Super-Rich, the Elites. In many ways.

What really happens is that all your saving, may it be your bank account, or your Pension Fonds
that are calculated in this "Unit" will loose its value any year at least between 4% to 25%.
Matching the amount of the paper money that will get printed.

You can not escape this, they will always KEEP YOU POOR.
Think a moment, if the Inflation is 25% - like now - HOW will you survive that?
Which Company can survive a Decrease of their Bank accounts by anual 25%?

Can you put you assets into stocks, gold or houses and get 25% per year?

So god saw that THEY stole whats not theirs.
He saw that the criminal politicians will not let us live in peace.

So I think god sent us a small seed.
Its was put into earth and it grew since 12 years, each year with an average of 200%.
The good thing about it is, it will continue to grow with this speed!

So it doesn't matter if you put your wealth into it today, or if you did so 4 years earlier.
In the same time, you will get roughly the same amount out of it.
Means, you get about 5 times what you put in, in 3-4 Years, with an average of 300% per Year.

HOW is that possible?
This is possible because we are talking from a Deflationary Asset.
There are only 15 Mio. Bitcoins available, and all people on the world will have to share these.
Its more deflationary then Gold.

HOW was it done?
Generally all centralized structures - in the past - have been corrupted by the Super-Rich.
No matter if it political parties, Churches or Whatever - if its large and it has influence, its been corrupted so it makes what they want.

Crypto is therefore decentralized. You can not easily corrupt it. At least not Bitcoin, maybe Ethereum.
Because of its structure it can not be utilized by the Elites to make you poor.

So Get Informed about it.
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