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Started by Theo Gottwald, September 24, 2022, 11:04:02 AM

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Theo Gottwald

I would like to see AI Features in O2.
And i like the idea that Charles "makes it for himself".
And this is a good attitude as long as no one pays him for this.

About AI Features. The general AI Programming is easy and consists of some additions and multiplications.
Here is an english video about the basics of AI that could be easily implemented in O2.

I think of defining a Network structure and O2 makes the neural network "learning" and produces "ready made ASM Code" for the final "Production network".
HINT: On this Level AI consists of a sort of "learning network" (A Formula Finder) and finally you get the resulting "Production Network" (the found formula).

Is easier then you might think. See ...

Zlatko Vid

well Eduardo
to much speculation for a sporadic user
and changing name ..hmm i doubt that action will change something
you cannot force people to use something if they think that is not for them
for example C++ is not for me ...so i don't use it , C is not for me but in some cases
i try to use it to test some programs or libs...etc...etc

Eduardo Jorge

Zlatko Vid

but you were the one complaining about the people I didn't come to the O2, I just pointed out possible causes and possible solutions.
I also like O2 and I wanted it to grow more,
but if it's not the will of the creator "Charles" there's no reason to argue about it.
I don't like C either, with that bunch of {([])};<<>>!==&&:: and I don't know what else, and that includes the others that have this syntax.
I always get lost if I'm in the middle of the "for", in the middle of the "if" and which one. structuring the logic of what I'm doing with this is not for me.
I could also have gone to freebasic which has a more stable project, but at first I couldn't even make it work, imagine creating a dll, I thought I was very dumb but I saw reports of others with the same problem on their forum, until I found out the O2 that was already there to compile and create the dll directly without much headache to make it work, then I got addicted to O2 and I didn't even try to learn freebasic since I didn't even have great needs.

Of course, sometimes I get angry because simple things that worked before don't work anymore in a more current version of O2.

about name change if it were to continue with greater stability between versions, it would be a divider.
today it is not known for which version some examples posted on the forum were written and you can get something and it just doesn't work. with a name change this would no longer happen because it would be known that the example was written for that project.

Theo Gottwald

What can you do with AI?

Here is a link where you can see what can be done with AI.

Imagine that you type in some words ... for example
"Mapl Sirup in a glas bowl on a wodden table"
and the AI draws a "Photo" with exactly that?

Try it. Enter the words and press that button.

TRY IT HERE: Stable-Diffusion AI at work.

Some years back we used TEX for writing of Books.
Maybe in some years we will have some sort of Language to define a Photo and it will be done with AI.
So we leave the GUI and go back to Text.
And some years later we will get a GUI that will create the Text again we are back at GUI's :-).

Eduardo Jorge


there is already an AI application that allows you to program by writing sentences of what you want.
but you still have to have a base on how the language you want to program works, and it's hard to write sentences of abstract ideas.


I wrote this...
Quotepegue a range a1:j100 atribua a um array com nome mega
pegue mega conte valores iguais a linha de cima mesma coluna
"take the range a1:j100 assign to an array with name mega
get mega count values equal to top row same column"

and this came out...

Dim mega As Variant
mega = Range("A1:J100")
Dim i As Long, j As Long
For i = 1 To UBound(mega, 1)
    For j = 1 To UBound(mega, 2)
        If mega(i, j) = mega(i - 1, j) Then
            'Do something
        End If
    Next j
Next i

Eduardo Jorge

teo, I didn't see her drawing, it seems more like the google search is worse, it seems that it looks for similar images and deforms
I wrote
2 chairs and a barking dog
images appeared only with chairs, image with 2 deformed dogs, among others that do not correspond,
ok, it's just a test, but it doesn't seem like it's creating images, it's looking for and modifying

Zlatko Vid

I don't know for forum examples
but from my testing most of published examples in o2 pack work well
so i can say Oxygen Basic is very stable.

Theo Gottwald

It looks like that but this is not the case.
They trained the network and its really AI generated.
However the original pictures that were used for training were from the www.

"Gold on the table"

Zlatko Vid

I don't like AI and robots very much
..they will lead to Skynet  >:(

Charles Pegge

I recognize the sum-of-squares algorithm as used in analysis-of-variance statistics.  Of course the main task is getting good inputs.

I would like to begin with a more directed approach to assist with code-generation. It should be possible to generate code that is free from typos, syntax errors, sybol conflicts and loopy-loops, leaving higher level design considerations to humans.

Unfortunately, we already suffer from poorly implemented AI. We already see companies hiding themselves behind AI when you try to contact them to get assistance. I hope the law will be tightened to require all commercial companies to be human-contactable.

Theo Gottwald

Quote from: Zlatko Vid on September 25, 2022, 10:38:49 AM
I don't like AI and robots very much
..they will lead to Skynet  >:(

Even then WE should know about their weaknesses.