With a little help from my friend...

Started by Pierre Bellisle, April 10, 2023, 08:18:54 AM

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Pierre Bellisle

For the fun of it, I took a o2 text help file that come with the package.
Did minor modification and build an exe around it.
It can be used as another help file, it can search keyword or any test in the file.
History forward and backward button, splitter bar. It also mémorise position and size on screen in an ini file.

In the zip you got o2Help.exe and o2Help.txt. They must be in the same foder.

MD5    CC07EDA2725A659178BD8588DE545892
CRC      218BCBC3
SHA1    CF53EE8B46FF790CF20615D06099417B91D2E236
SHA256 A6A1A2CF928FDF8F5D1477DBC1CC454840264AED91CDB7235555530656FC418C

If somebody is interested in the source, I'll try to find some time to clean it up.