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Started by Theo Gottwald, April 10, 2023, 05:05:02 PM

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Theo Gottwald

I have added several improvements to the Forum today.
You can now add YouTube and Rumble Videos.
Also you can include Search Engine results.
And there are some other improvements.

See the new attachment-Browser Button at the top of the Forum.
This way you can easier find the attachment you are looking for.

PS: I still don't know where the Karma option is gone.
We have now the Option to give Posts a LIKE, and we can say "THANK YOU" with the Button and these are also counted and will be displayed in the Profile of the Person.
So only use this for valuable Posts with important content, for the others just click on "LIKE".

Pierre Bellisle

Hi Theo,

About the time period a user have to edit his post.
Seems to me that it is short, and as soon as a post is added, all previous post can't be edited anymore.

For my part, I very often edit previous post to make corrections, to add stuff, to clean code, to reformat the whole thing.
One day after, 3 day after, a week, even months. (I was able to do that on another forum)
I do not really like to repost the same code over and over in multiple posts.

The only reason I can think of to restrict edit, is with un-honest user that will abuse the system to look better.
Is this the case?


Theo Gottwald

@Pierre, this change was not intentional.
It must be some settings deeply hidden in that the new SMF Version that we are using.
Currently not knowing how this behavior can be changed, I will put this on the todo list. As long as it is, just post it below "as update".

There is only one easy, immediately possible solution I know.
If you accept your own Suboard with your own content, then i can make you "Global Moderator" and Moderators do not have this limitation as far as I can say (I do not have it).

Pierre Bellisle

Hi Theo! 
I see... 
let's hope that a solution will be found. 
For the Subboard, I do not really need one. 
Plus, I guess many other users wants also the edit possibility back.
I'll wait for a more global approach, if there is one, of course.