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Started by Bernard Ertl, May 20, 2007, 02:32:19 AM

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Bernard Ertl

I don't know if Timm Motl is watching the PB forums frequently these days or not (or if he will find this board), so I thought I'd mention his Tsunami record manager for him.  I'm developing an application with it (and Don Dickinson's TTDS add-on) and think it's fantastic.

José Roca

I agree that is a great product, but we don't have recent news from it. The last edition of The Tsunami Times is from 2-March-2003, and the only releases after that date are maintenance updates to fix some bugs.

Bernard Ertl

Timm responds to the forum within a day of any question.  He's working on an update to be released in soon.  I've helped with testing it.  :)