Project Serpo

Started by Zlatko Vid, May 18, 2023, 09:38:41 PM

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Zlatko Vid

Theo Gottwald

While there are such planets, normal people especially from USA can not go there.

If so, only People with higher cultural level could have such contacts, means Indian or Germany.

He met Alien(s): Sri M.

Zlatko Vid

 >> only People with higher cultural level <<

ha ha ..that was funny ... :)

Charles Pegge

Project Serpo seems to be a work of fiction. Nothing further emerges from this story but it alludes to Roswell , the Grey Aliens and their genetic/breeding experiments which are quite well evidenced.

Zlatko Vid

Yes Charles ...i think that you have right.

Charles Pegge

Bill Ryan ran the Project Serpo forum for a year, and had his doubts.

Kerry Cassidy's 2nd interview with Bill Ryan on Project Serpo