AurelEdit v0.7

Started by Zlatko Vid, May 31, 2023, 01:34:05 PM

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Zlatko Vid

In attachment is binary + source version
so you can compile it if you wish.

Theo Gottwald

Should we add it to the O2 - Setup possibly?

Zlatko Vid

If you ask me ...
I will say ...status quo or
there is no need for that ,also that Charles want it in
OygenBasic zip ,he will add it ...right?
Inside \demos\!projectB\Scintilla  is still old ...old
version of my ASciEdit which i made long time ago as proof
that scintilla based code editor can be made with o2.
why is still there must ask Charles.

It is perfectly clear that everybody here have his own favorite code editor
Charles prefer OxIde which is good but very minimal to me
so i use my own..

So Aurel Edit is another alternative editor for o2.
if someone like to try/use it is here as portable software.
And is open source and u can compile it yourself.

PS. after fixing some minor mistakes in code i compiled it with o2 - 604  ;D

Theo Gottwald

Can you improve it in a way that it has at least all features like the normal PB-Editor?
Then we could replace Oxide ...
But it must be a complete replacement.
Means that it must have all features of Oxide and more ...

Zlatko Vid

I am not sure what features have Oxide ..
i don't investigate OxIde code to much ,
also i don't know what kind of features you want to see
or PB Editor have ...
I use it for some PB code and find it primitive(aka no line numbers on left side  :o )

OxIde is good ..but with Tabs should be far better(i think)

Zlatko Vid

Hi Theo

Do you mean on something like options and similar?
Ouch . i don't have a clue how to do all that things

Charles Pegge

I think AurelEdit should remain as a third party app, since it is a bit large to include directly, and also needs to be fully under the control of its author :)

Oxide is a simple introductory IDE that uses Scintilla. As with all tools, the source code can be found in tools\ and is freely available for creating derivatives or repurposing.

I like the new tabbed Notepad of Windows 11 which works very well with tabbed folders. The Find/Replace control is also more programmer-friendly. But my main tool is currently Peroxide, which enables symbol searches across hundreds of files in multiple groups of directories. It is very similar to having tabs, but potentially hundreds of them. Each tab gives instant navigation for all the line numbers where a symbol is located. But its a very small program that does not need Scintilla. It can be run as a script since it compiles in a fraction of a second, but the binary is more convenient when doing live surgery on OxygenBasic source code.

Zlatko Vid

QuoteI think AurelEdit should remain as a third party app, since it is a bit large to include directly, and also needs to be fully under the control of its author

Yes Sir  :)

Aurel Edit currently have->  2300 lines of code have        ->  1649 lines of code

yes both have a lot of code

As i said OxIde is fine i use it from time to time as extra editor for copy/paste
and similar stuff ...and tabs can be added i think without lot of coding.
Peroxide ...hmmm i am confused with that one .

Theo Gottwald

I tried to compile it and failed.
I get some
2023-06-08 16_33_18-O2H.jpg

I am putting it in Demos.
If you have a version that will compile, tell me then i will replace it.
Having something like a customizable Editor is a plus for the program.
I am in no way worried about the size, we have no more floppy-discs, you know.

Zlatko Vid

Ahh yes i know...
I just repeat what Charles says
i will add corrected + AurelEdit07.bas in attechment
this is just two tiny quirks ,,i forget to replace .

ps.Theo not work with .o2bas not possible to upload it!
.inc is fine .

Charles Pegge

Hi Aurel, Theo

I've fixed about 10 errors, mostly undefined variables, so it now compiles with the current OxygenBasic.

Zlatko Vid

Ah then ok Charles
i figured that something is wrong and remove some unused code
in this i compiled with o2 604 and work for me .

Theo Gottwald

Ok, i added it to the Setup, I compiled it myself and digitally signed the file. So its now part of the distribution-Setup.
I could only compile it to 32 bit. I used the last version from Zlatko, i hope that was ok?
At least it compiled here without Errors in 32 bit.

Charles Pegge

You will need a 64bit Scintilla dll and some extra work on the source code to ensure 64bit compatibility.

Theo Gottwald

I do not think its that important. While ...


I think main reason are "soon" expiring patents for start "edition"  x86_64,  new patents for x86_64-S will block enter in the market for other players.
All legacy instruction are probably for decades executed by micro-code.