Started by Theo Gottwald, August 12, 2023, 09:31:34 PM

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Charles Pegge

Large-scale use of hexadomes:

The Eden Project

Theo Gottwald

For tropical holidays in colder environment - interesting.
I like it.

Adding some more pictures that I got testing the SPR today.

From left to right: Nordic Race, Eskimo, Korean and African Race.


Charles Pegge

Theo Gottwald


Charles Pegge

They Built a Rainforest Ecosystem inside a Geodesic Dome

9 december 2019

Theo Gottwald

Rainforest Trees are much larger in real nature, yet it can be done.

Charles Pegge

Small domes made with overlapping plates:

The Hypedome 1 year on...

Chris Devereux


Other interesting round structures:

7 Unique Prefab Glamping Pods

CGS Tech
9 december 2021