The Powerbasic to Purebasic Guide

Started by Theo Gottwald, July 17, 2023, 06:58:56 AM

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Theo Gottwald

The Powerbasic to Purebasic Guide is a PDF.
As it is dated 2014, the "work in progress" is come to an final state possibly.

Here is it:
Power Basic to PureBasic.pdf

The Author writes:
Considering the migration of your code base to PureBasic? This booklet is
intended to help you.
This is a work in progress, deliberately simple and very basic. No high level
constructs or theory here. Just some issues enumeration. But I know that if at
least this aid had been available for me initially, my migration would have been
faster and easier. Well now it is yours! With this reference you will know which
keywords can be readily exchanged without fear or testing or any doubts; which
can not be exchanged; which no matter how much time you invest searching will
have to be recoded. Of course this is no exhaustive enumeration nor all inclusive.
I would have desired to do it better, but the usual business constraints don't let
me do so. Anyway something is better than nothing. Remember that your own
coding practices make a difference and with the Pure Basic community ready to
help, you will farewell.
I want to contribute this writing to both the greater basic language community
and the Pure Basic Community. I understand that others might be in the need to
migrate their code base into another language. Re-coding into other non basic
languages is a loss for all. With some help like this document that losses can be
prevented. No one wants Power Basic to die. But nobody wants to loose all those
talented programmers to the "dark side" either. So let's provide needed tools for
them to stay in the greater basic language community. With that goal in mind I
offer you dear reader this aid. Please receive it as a small gift of one of your peers.
Happy holidays!
Amílcar Matos-Pérez
San Juan, Puerto Rico