🤖 GPT-4ALL's Test Run with Mistral OpenOrca: A Coding Chameleon! 🌈

Started by Theo Gottwald, November 07, 2023, 11:13:43 AM

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Theo Gottwald

For all those  who do not want to pay the $20 or the API Usage to OpenAI, there is good news.

🚀 Just dove into a test session with GPT4ALL using the fresh-off-the-press Mistral OpenOrca model, and guess what? It can churn out code like a pro!

🐍 Started off by asking it to whip up some Python scripts. Then, on a whim, I threw it a curveball: "How about turning this Python code into PureBasic?" And just like that—it did! Not stopping there, I pushed further: "Now morph this into PowerBasic, please." Voilà, it handled that too! 🔁

💡 While it might not match GPT-4's level of detail in the code, it's still quite adept at crafting neat little sub-programs. Whether it's juggling arrays or automating the mundane tasks we all dread (I mean, who wants to write the same old code for the hundredth time?), it's got it covered.

🆓 The best part? This model is free, ready to take on those repetitive coding tasks and save you heaps of time!