The Truth About Aliens & UFOS

Started by Charles Pegge, November 09, 2023, 12:38:53 AM

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Charles Pegge

Old footage but broad perspective. Perhaps nothing new in recent years.

The Truth About Aliens & UFOS (Extra-Terrestrial Documentary) | Absolute Documentaries

6 oct 2023

Theo Gottwald

We germans can not see it.
So how do we find out the truth about these UFO's?

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Charles Pegge

Much of it is about Alien abduction and hybridization programs rather than UFO tech.

Does this work in Germany?

Theo Gottwald

No will not work here. Anyway. They should come.
As you might know all Telescopes searching for intelligent life currently are directed "away from earth".
Hopefully this will change in the future.

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