Why this Forum is so dead?

Started by Frank Brübach, May 01, 2024, 01:00:06 PM

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Frank Brübach

It's a shame but I think this forum is absolutely dead. I have no idea why that is. Why am I still posting anything? There is no feedback here

People used this forum copy Codes and Shows pics didnt have any Feedback its a normal behaviour of often boring Programmers?

Sorry, my opinion, Frank, I love oxygen Basic but I have No more fun to do anything even its great or good stuff

Zlatko Vid

Well Frank

I think that i know /remember you from thinBasic and old Oxygenbasic
forum...i really don't know what you expect ...
sorry but i am not very much interested in openGL programs
and i am busy with my programming of my interpreter ( micro(A) )
and that is my main ocupation.

Also i am not sure what kind of feedback you want .
Forums are very quiet places..

Frank Brübach

No I dont agree with you Forums are Not quiet or calm places .. I know a Lot of Foren they are living by their Users Activity

There are a tons of topics and a wide variety of themes you can Work with oxygen Basic

That's a good excuse if you don't feel like actively leading by example and you don't care, it seems to me

Theo Gottwald

Hey Frank, you have to understand that we rarely accept applications from new members for the forum because most people don't follow the registration rules.

That means, we hardly have any new people, and as everyone who posts here knows, this forum has been a bit of a museum for a long time.

There are the old Powerbasic people, there's Charles with his basics, we have Jürgen, who is still working on his Powerbasic successor. These are the people we have known for a long time and they are here, but you can't expect a rush of strangers to come here.

Just look below, you can see exactly how many people visit the forum per day. So, you shouldn't get your hopes up and I told you that from the beginning.

You've been here for more than a day, you should know that. By the way, I don't think that's a reason for you to delete anything.

Just leave things here, Google will index all of it, AI will read it too, and over time, someone will come who is interested. But you also have to see one thing, and I've been trying to make this clear to you all the time, and Charles knows it too - traditional hand-coding, like in the old days, will become rare in the future because AI will soon be able to do it better than regular humans.

Programmers will become more like designers, and this will also change the design of programming environments. Programming environments that don't rely on AI will soon be outdated.

We just have to keep up with the times. But as I said, we all see programming as a hobby here. I myself use the forum as a backup for old code or code that I want to keep. And I think you can see that too. 😉👨�💻📝

If you feel that other forums are more active and can reach a larger audience with your content, go ahead and give it a try.

Just remember that the material you are sharing, as I mentioned from the beginning, is mostly from 2012 and may not be the most current. So don't expect a huge response from this.

If you understand this, you can avoid disappointment.

 #selfimprovement #mindset #growth #programming #AI #coding #forum #hobby #design #future #backup #oldcode #keepup #handcoding #AIadvancements

Zlatko Vid

QuoteThat's a good excuse if you don't feel like actively leading by example and you don't care, it seems to me

..a good excuse ...what ?
come on...man... ;D

Now i am wondering where are all this active forums full of members.
Did you recently look into well known and probably the biggest BASIC forum
PureBasic forum.... it is almost dead ..with very tiny activity .
Also i have my own forum ..so i post there from time to time .

Frank Brübach

Thx Theo for explanations..

 I See the Problems with Registration Here and I dont expect too much Feedback at all but why other Forums Like Python or freebasic thinbasic are more busy?

I know for examples Well old powerbasic times and noticed Times have changed.. but why dont we make eg oxygen Basic much more attractive for new Users and beginners? Last autumn Winter we Had more Traffic Here with different topics about oxygen. I dont want to Change and deleted anything Here ;)

Regards, frank

Theo Gottwald

I see how it is with myself.
In earlier Year if i could not solve a problem, i posted the question in a Forum.
Today this would be a big waste of time.
Because i can just go to Mistral or CHATGPT and immediately get the answer.

The Forum is for fun and a bit talking .... showing what you are working on.

About Members Registration, I am working on it.
Anyway Members that do not give their proper Name and Contact Data will not be registered unless another forum member will stand in for them.

Zlatko Vid

Quotefreebasic thinbasic are more busy?

Hi Frank
I really don't know why you have such a feeling
i don't visit freeBasic and thinBasic forum very much
just because they looks static to ...or simply i am not interested to see
what is there ..i am not sure .

Johan Klassen

in the 70's when the micro computer revolution was happening, everybody got excited and people were very busy trying all kinds of things, the WWW was not in existence at the time but we had bulletin boards to share code, plus tons of magazines and outlets selling CD's loaded with source-code and shareware programs, but that's not the case today.