AI Trader Bot beats human Traders

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 04, 2024, 10:02:26 AM

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Theo Gottwald

The following Text is just my personal opinion and not investment advice.

In my last weeks of checking Trading API's and Trading Signals, for future SPR Enhancements, I found a nice looking Trader Bot.

This Robots trades about 40 markets at the same time, which can not be done by a single human trader easily.

The official statement is 399% per Year (on the WEB-Site, measured in Backtesting over 20.000 time periodes).

I tried it and i got 20% just since yesterday, which is amazing. But since then it also went down a lot.

So what is this about, do they want me to pay my money in their account?

NO. The money will stay on your own Bitget-Account!
You can see and follow any Trade the robot is doing.
He is trading with your account.

🚀 Imagine this... 😲
🎉 You open an account with Bitget, one of the top 5 crypto exchanges worldwide! 🔝 Use my affiliate link to get started:
BITGET - Crypto Trading

💰 Deposit some USDT into your Futures Trading Account - maybe 500, 1000, or even 2000 USDT? 💵

🤖 And then the magic happens: A ROBOT starts multiplying your capital! This bot can achieve returns of officially around 399% per year 📈 (measured in backtests over 20.000 time-periods), which could even top "Earn World" or "Vow" by x times!
You can add up or take out Money every time. Directly to your bank account, via Bitget.

The robot will automatically adapt his orders to your current amount. In my case i have nearly 50 open orders at any time ... opening and closing automatically on multiple markets ... i would have never been able to do manually.

🔐 The best part?
Your money stays safe in your Bitget account, and you can track every single trade in real-time!
The connection to the robot is securely established via an API key, allowing it to trade on your behalf in Bitget.

Here's the robot:
Trading Robot

🌟 To try it out, use my promo code "50%OFFTGO" when signing up on their website to get 50 percent off. This way, we both benefit!

Of course, there is a support and they will also help you set up the API connection if needed.

Happy trading! 🎊

"Flatten the curve"
This is what Trading means. Its like ironing your washed clothes.
Let me tell you that several years ago i learned at a trading seminar that no Trader can safely earn more then ~25% in a Year otherwise its risky. Because else Banks would not borrow money to customers instead just "trade". AI seems to change the markets again. We can only guess where this can lead.

[06.05.2024] The race continues. With some up's and downs the total plus is >20% today. And this thing is not even running for a week!