InternLM 2.5 the Local AI with 1 M Token Context window.

Started by Theo Gottwald, July 06, 2024, 09:44:56 AM

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Theo Gottwald

🚀 Introducing the new top star in local AI! 🌟

With a million-token context window, this powerhouse runs entirely on your computer. 🖥�💡

No data is sent to the internet, ensuring maximum privacy. 🔒✨

This is a significant leap for those aiming to tackle more complex tasks with locally running artificial intelligence. 🤖🔍

Imagine pairing it with LM Studio – the possibilities are endless! 🌐🔥

I could get t to run with LM Studio. (InternLM Chat FP16 F16 gguf).
Of course running on a local system this is much slower then commercial AI's like Claude or ChatGPT.
But it works.

2024-07-06 09_44_09-LM Studio.png

Its "Up to date", it even knows for example how to call the Bitget-API:

2024-07-06 09_53_44-LM Studio.png

It will also run with GPT4All but in my test the Output was broken.

2024-07-06 10_16_06-GPT4All v3.0.0.png

#AI #Tech #Innovation #LocalAI #Privacy #GPT3 #ArtificialIntelligence 🤖🔒💡🚀🌟