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OxygenBasic Examples / Asm multiplication
Last post by Frank Brübach - Today at 12:49:14 AM

Simple question I have how to multiply two values in asm?

' multiplication of two values
byte val1
byte val2
int result

macro myMul(val1,val2)

    ! mov eax,val1
    ''! mov eax,val2
    ! mul val2
    ! mov result,wax
end macro

'print "the result of val1*val2 is " + str(myMul(val1,val2)) 
'print "the result of val1*val2 is " + str(result) 
OxygenBasic Examples / Re: Tabcontrol color
Last post by Zlatko Vid - Yesterday at 10:16:24 PM
Hi Pierre

I have troubles to get this work properly
I mean to change at runtime color of edit control
i tried this:

'by Pierre Bellisle..
  select GetDlgCtrlID(lparam)
case ed1ID
             if theme = 4 : SetBkColor(wparam, RGB(43,42,54)): end if
              return darkBrush 'darkColor
         case else
              darkBrush = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(255,255,255))
             SetBkColor( wparam, RGB(255,255,255))
        if theme <> 4 : SetTextColor( wparam,RGB(0,0,0)) : end if
            return  darkBrush
  end select
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General Discussion / Re: The future of ... PowerBas...
Last post by Johan Klassen - Yesterday at 03:46:01 PM
I have no problem signing in to their forum
my opinion is that powerbasic will shut down including the forum
General Discussion / Re: Why is it so hard to retur...
Last post by Charles Pegge - Yesterday at 03:21:25 PM
The ascent propulsion system of the Lunar module  ???
General Discussion / The future of ... PowerBasic?
Last post by Theo Gottwald - Yesterday at 12:04:11 PM
I want to reopen that topic, as we have new developments.
I have heared that the PowerBasic/Drake-Forum is only up for a limited time.
The responsible people seem not to answer any mails any more.

They do not seem to sell their compilers anymore.
So i would like your all opinion.

Will we have a Powerbasic successor (from Jürgen?)?
A Variant of O2 with Powerbasic Syntax?

Or anybody has other news from the People at Powerbasic-INC.?
General Discussion / Re: Why is it so hard to retur...
Last post by Theo Gottwald - Yesterday at 10:33:00 AM
No human was ever on the moon.
Only Robots went there.



General Discussion / Why is it so hard to return to...
Last post by Charles Pegge - May 19, 2024, 03:43:56 PM

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General Discussion / Biggest Solar Storm in 20 Year...
Last post by Charles Pegge - May 18, 2024, 10:34:00 PM
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