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EMERGENCY EPISODE: Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI! - Mo Gawdat | E252
The Diary Of A CEO

Egyptian entrepreneur and writer, Mo Gawdat

Jun 1, 2023

Here is some code that show two way, ShellExecute up to 2k command line argument and CreateProcess up to 32k command line. Remember, argument zero is always the exe filename...

Compile "GetCmdLine.exe" first then run "SendCmdLine.exe".

$filename "GetCmdLine.exe"
 uses console
 uses dialogs

 ! GetCommandLineW lib "kernel32.dll" alias "GetCommandLineW"() as DWORD
 ! CommandLineToArgvW lib "shell32.dll" alias "CommandLineToArgvW"(wzstring lpCmdLine, int pNumArgs) as DWORD
 ! LocalFree lib "kernel32.dll" alias "LocalFree"(byval hMem as DWORD) as DWORD
 ! SetConsoleScreenBufferSize lib "kernel32.dll" alias "SetConsoleScreenBufferSize"
  (byval hConsoleOutput as sys, byval dwSize as COORD) as long

 COORD Coordn : Coordn.x = 80 : Coordn.y = 700 'make console bigger to see complete string
 SetConsoleScreenBufferSize(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), Coordn)

 sys pwzArgumentString, long ArgumentCount, index
 sys ArgPointerArray = CommandLineToArgvW(GetCommandLineW(), @ArgumentCount)
 printl "Command line argument count: " ArgumentCount
 for index = 0 TO ArgumentCount - 1
  pwzArgumentString = *(ArgPointerArray + sizeof(sys) * index)
  long CharCount = lStrLenW(pwzArgumentString)
  string sAnsiArgumentString = nuls(CharCount)
  WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, null, pwzArgumentString, CharCount, strptr(sAnsiArgumentString), CharCount, null, null)
  printl index ") [" sAnsiArgumentString "]"
 printl "Command line argument lenght: " len(sAnsiArgumentString)

 printl chr(13,10) "key..." : waitkey

uses console
 uses dialogs
 $filename  "SendCmdLine.exe"
 $targetFile "GetCmdLine.exe"

 %INTERNET_MAX_SCHEME_LENGTH 32 'Longest protocol name length

 %_32k 0x7FFF '32767

 'ShellExecute 2k command line
 printl "ShellExecute with " + str(INTERNET_MAX_URL_LENGTH) + " command line for [" + targetFile + "]"
 string sParam = string(INTERNET_MAX_URL_LENGTH, "B") 'Create a 2k command line
 ShellExecute(HWND_DESKTOP, "open", targetFile, strptr sParam, "", SW_SHOWNORMAL)

 'CreateProcess 32k command line
 printl "CreateProcess with 32k command line for [" targetFile "]"
 zstring zExeAndCmdLine[_32k] = targetFile & " " & string(_32K - len(targetFile) - 2 , "A")
 StartupInf.cb          = sizeof(StartupInfo)
 StartupInf.dwFlags    = STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW
 StartupInf.wShowWindow = SW_SHOW
 CreateProcess(NULL, @zExeAndCmdLine, NULL, NULL, TRUE,
              NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, NULL, NULL, @StartupInf, @ProcessInf)

 printl chr(13,10) "key..." : waitkey
Prophesy or planned:

Dr. Carol Rosin - The Disclosure Project (clip)

Dr Rosin was a former assistant to Werner Von Braun in his final years.

Sep 25, 2010

Space Treaty Organization

I think that it's a major deception, the powers that be simply needed a new enemy
here's an interesting 19 minute fictional video , near the end of the video the presenter states that the powers that be will concoct the UFO threat, and that part I tend to believe
[edit] look at the scene 9:27, tree's on the moon???
Why are they mainstreaming this information now?

UFO Crash Recovery - Sgt. Clifford Stone Testifies
Dr. Steven Greer

Nov 4, 2013

Sgt Stone personally involved in ufo crash retrieval, including beings
also refers to:
general mcarthur wwII
german back-engineering attempt wwII
OxygenBasic / Re: 64bit demos
Last post by Charles Pegge - Yesterday at 11:20:12 PM
Yes, this is compiled with the updated in demos\!projA\GdiWindow\.

$ filename "t.exe"
uses RTL64
uses Controls
OxygenBasic / Re: 64bit demos
Last post by James C. Fuller - Yesterday at 10:42:21 PM
  Try the file I listed above as a 64 bit app


OxygenBasic / Re: 64bit demos
Last post by Zlatko Vid - Yesterday at 09:22:54 PM this work in 64bit
i must check this  :D
That is news from News Nation  ;D

or maybe is true...what you think?

OxygenBasic / Re: 64bit demos
Last post by Charles Pegge - Yesterday at 08:28:17 PM
Hi James,

Most of the demos should work in 64bit but you may have problems with some of Peter Wirbelauer's GDI and GDI+ examples, though I have updated the libraries involved.

If you copy the attached file into demos\!projA\GDIWindow\ replacing the existing, it should go fine.