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The key points to note are that the alleged events took place many years ago (<2010), and the hit-piece took 4 years of research. Russel Brand is now a totally transformed character, but also a rather annoying but influential 'conspiracy theorist' at least to some powerful individuals. This seems to be a blatant attempt to discredit him, preferably to get him locked away.

Russell Brand
22 sep 2023


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Last post by Theo Gottwald - September 23, 2023, 07:40:20 AM
There was never a Human on the moon especially not from USA.
It was a pure Propaganda show, like some other myths especially about germany.
And also the "Original Films got lost". Like in all these lies the Original films "got lost".


These Moon stones they gave to european Museums were just ordinary stones from wood, partly with insects in it.
Yes there have been Robots on the Moon, and there are Robots on the Moon now.
But never humans.
While i do not know "Russel XY", i can tell you that if he did it in Germany,
it will not bother anybody.
We have - only in Berlin - every day 2 Rape-Cases and additionally multiple cases of "Gang Rape" done by Groups of asylum people.
Most often the police will not act in these cases, because the Rapists will say "that the women wanted it".
And then they end up "with 11 withnesses vs one (the women)".
By german law the women must then take back her accusation to not get in danger of getting a criminal case against her self of being racistic against these people.

Yes, Rape is getting am sort of mass-sport in germany.
@Jose, beside NAZI-Organisation (like see above) and People with racist views about russia people,
 you seem to like Wikipedia a lot. Below is some background about your "Source".

Beside that, the total Ukrainian Victory seems to not happen this year. If we believe trusted US-Sources. 

QuoteUS sees Ukrainian army demoralized, no chance to win: Seymour Hersh
Al Mayadeen English
Source: Agencies
21 Sep 2023 17:23

Hersh also notes there is no interest in peace talks Ukraine's claims of incremental progress in the offensive constitute of "all lies".

Citing a US official familiar with current intelligence, US journalist Seymour Hersh said that the US intelligence believes that the Ukrainian forces have become demoralized and have no chance of winning, adding that there currently exists no discussion in Kiev or the White House regarding a ceasefire.

In a new post on his Substack account, Hersh said, "There are significant elements in the American intelligence community, relying on field reports and technical intelligence, who believe that the demoralized Ukraine army has given up on the possibility of overcoming the heavily mined three-tier Russian defense lines and taking the war to Crimea and the four oblasts seized and annexed by Russia. The reality is that Volodymyr Zelensky's battered army no longer has any chance of a victory".

Hersh also noted there is no interest in peace talks. Quoting the official, Hersh continued that Ukraine's claims of incremental progress in the offensive constitute of "all lies".

After all 500.000 People from Ukraine had to die for this nonsense that could have been over after a week if NATO would not have delivered Weapons "for testing and destruction".

Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assault and abusive behaviour
Channel 4 News
17 sep 2023


So, This Is Happening
Russell Brand
15 sept 2023

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19 sep 2023
List of Axis personnel indicted for war crimes

Very honorable people all of them...
> What do you have against NAZIs?

It is a joke?

I bet that you're a voter of the AfD party.

This must be why you like Putin.

He is abducting Ukrainian children like the German nazis did with Polish children.

Child abductions in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Last post by Charles Pegge - September 20, 2023, 04:43:06 PM
Small Steps, Giant Leaps: Engineering Lessons from Apollo - Dylan Beattie, Kevlin Henney

NDC Conferences
3 apr 2019

> The role Germany had that time (fighting the globalists)is now up to Russia.

So you confirm that the RuZZians are Today's nazis. And by RuZZians I mean Putin and his gang of criminals, not the poor bastards who live under his tyranny.

And not, I'm not a fan of Patton. Quite the contrary.
Quote from: José Roca on September 16, 2023, 10:55:15 PM> My Guess [...]

Your guesses have no merit. You thought that all Europeans were going to die of hunger and cold last Winter, but we are still alive. There is no possibility of living in peace with the RuZZians. They are always threatening others and that is not a good way to make friends.

Quote from: José Roca on September 16, 2023, 10:55:15 PM> My Guess [...]

Oh you are fan of General Patton?


Ok, let me translate what he also said 1945.

"It is certain that the Germans are the best race in Europe, and perhaps in the world."

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me."

Let me say that things have changed. The role Germany had that time (fighting the globalists)
is now up to Russia. Russia is not using Uranium Ammunition and seldomly uses Cluster Bombs, like Ukraine.
Also they do not send women, children and old aged pensioners forcefully to the field.

Ukraine is playing the game of the Anglosaxian Plutocrats and is going to soon run out of People.