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Last post by Charles Pegge - September 18, 2023, 05:51:29 PM
Failure is Always an Option - Dylan Beattie - NDC Copenhagen 2022

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17 Sep: INSANE FOOTAGE! Trapped Russians KILLED BY OWN FORCES When They Tried to Surrender

General Discussion / The Cost of Code
Last post by Charles Pegge - September 17, 2023, 05:10:13 AM

Dylan Beattie - The Cost of Code
DevConf PL
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31 oct 2019

> My Guess [...]

Your guesses have no merit. You thought that all Europeans were going to die of hunger and cold last Winter, but we are still alive. There is no possibility of living in peace with the RuZZians. They are always threatening others and that is not a good way to make friends.

I know the Ukrainian Propaganda Videos.
You should not fall for their Nonsense.

In fact they did not manage even to break through the first line of defence.
If they "Liberate" a small town with less then 100 Citizens they do as if the war is over.

We will see in the next week what will happen.

My Guess is currently (that would be the best solution)
That Ukraine is split between Russia, Polen, Hungary and Rumania.

This would be the best solution for peace in the future.

Putin Shocked! Ukraine Destroy Russian S-400 That They Call Most Advanced Air Defense in Crimea

Their Resistance Was Futile! Encircled Russian Units Surrender as Ukraine Liberates Andriivka

Russia accidentally shell its own troops for two hours mistaking them for Ukranian soldiers

11 Sep: FRONT COLLAPSES AFTER Half of Russian Troops Killed in Friendly Fire Accident

12 Sep: Russians Panic. Ukrainians BREAK THROUGH Russian Defense for 7 Km in 1 Day