Unsigned 64 bits integers.From C to PB.

Started by Olav Bergesen, November 25, 2012, 01:50:50 PM

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Olav Bergesen


  I'm currently converting some C code to PB, and have some trouble with the code below.Hope
  someone could  help to shed some light over the issue.

C Code:
' unsigned long long U64,BB,Bittmap,DEBRUIJN64
' DEBRUIJN64 = U64(0x07EDD5E59A4E28C2)
'((bittmap & -bittmap) * DEBRUIJN64) >> 58
    ' my addition just to test the expression
' BB = ((bittmap & -bittmap) * DEBRUIJN64)

  PB Code:
  Local BB,Bittmap,DEBRUIJN64 As QUAD
  DEBRUIJN64 = &H07EDD5E59A4E28C2
  BB = (Bittmap And -Bittmap) * DEBRUIJN64
  Shift Right BB,58
  ? "BB:" + Str$(BB)

  Is my convertion from C to PB correct?

  Using different values for the Bittmap variable(input), I get different result
  in PB compared to what I get from C - using the same input values. In PB the BB variable is always
  assigned the value of -92337203685478E+18, while in C I get different output to the BB variable -
  and they are all positive values - for the same input values of Bittmap used in PB.

  Is this a question of signed versus unsigned 64 bit integers?

  How can I convert a Quad in PB to an unsigned 64 bit integer?

  Would it help?

  I'm on Win7 64 bit and using VC++ 2010 Express as C compiler.
  Maybe unsigned long long is larger than 64 bits on such a system, but I don't think so
  since sizeof(unsigned long long) returns 8.

  Thanks for your time!