SetBkMode Function Question

Started by Frederick J. Harris, December 29, 2012, 09:04:43 PM

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James C. Fuller

  Get a GMail account :)

  I just checked out the latest code::blocks and the MinGW included I believe is 32bit only

I use RadAsm3 with bcx, bc9, PowerBasic, JWasm, Masm .....
I don't actually use it with MinGW because I write very little actual c/c++ code.
I use bc9 and then compile the translated c/c++ code with batch files.

I have several versions of MINGW but mostly I use  MinGWTDM64 (tdm64-gcc-4.7.1-3).
This is the download page:

This is the info page:

I've attached my batch files; one for gcc one for g++

They both expect the environment variable %MINGW% to point to your MinGW installation.

I have mine located at C:\MINGWTDM64. MINGW is set in RadAsm3 but you can set it anywhere (change the batch files to point to it is fine. SET MINGW=C:\MINGWTDM64

Parameters %1 -> filename no extension
           %2 -> -m32 or -m64
           %3 -> con gui or dll

If you have an rc file with the same name as the c/cpp file it will compile it and link it to the exe

Here is the link to my bc9 just in case you want to play.

This is the link to an unmodified RadAsm3 with all the supported compilers, but last I tried the gcc one did not work correctly.


Frederick J. Harris

Thanks James!  Looks like I may have a New Years Day project! ;D

I downloaded the right mingw w64 file this morning (same as link you gave), but wasn't sure I understood everything OK.  In my haste somehow I missed that info page.  Thanks.

Might get gmail account.  This email thing has aggravated me to no end.  Got to deal with it.

I'd be pleased to get an x86 / x64 setup with Code::Blocks working, as that's my favorite C and C++ environment.  Will be in touch.  Thanks again