Status_Bar reference issue.

Started by James C. Fuller, October 25, 2014, 09:36:47 PM

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James C. Fuller

  In your Windows API Wrapper Reference StatusBar_SetParts you have three parameters for the PB Syntax but only describe 2 under Parameters.

Also you might want to add a StausBar_SetPartsByPercent. It's what I use. It makes it much simpler. This is my code where I use a ";" as a delimiter. You probably can come up with something better.


Sub InitStatusBar(BYVAL hCtl AS DWORD,sPropVals AS STRING)

        LOCAL PARTS,x,i,PartCount,hDlg AS LONG
        LOCAL tRect AS RECT
        LOCAL PartSize() AS LONG
        LOCAL nRight AS LONG
        hDlg = GetParent(hCtl)
        PartCount = PARSECOUNT(sPropVals,";")
        REDIM PartSize(PartCount)
        GetClientRect hDlg,tRect
        i = 1
        nRight = tRect.nRight * (VAL(PARSE$(sPropVals,";",i))*.01)
        FOR x = 0 TO PartCount-2
            PartSize(x) = nRight
            INCR i
            nRight += tRect.nRight * (VAL(PARSE$(sPropVals,";",i))*.01)
        NEXT x
        PartSize(PartCount-1) = -1
        SendMessage hCtl,%SB_SETPARTS,PartCount,VARPTR(PartSize(0))

José Roca

Thanks for the suggestion.

The parameter missing (dwParts)

Number of parts to set (cannot be greater than 256).

To set the size of the status bar parts I use the CWindow's method SetStatusbarPartsBySize, that is DPI aware.