Ever heared of "XOJO" / RealBASIC ?

Started by Theo Gottwald, April 16, 2023, 10:07:53 PM

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Theo Gottwald

Ever heared of "XOJO" / RealBASIC?

QuoteXojo started its life as a shareware product called CrossBasic. When it became a commercial product it was renamed REALbasic. While REALbasic shared some of the keywords from the original BASIC and certainly the idea that anyone should be able to write code, it shared little else and was a very modern object-oriented programming language from its inception. In 2013 it was renamed Xojo to represent that it is cross-platform and object-oriented.

There is a developer Conference in London on April 26 / 2023.

Its still under development and it currently priced $399 in the desktop version.
Xojo store

Online Help

The last post in their forum was from April 2022.
So my question is "What happened since then?"

There is a new Software Release from April 2023.

Charles Pegge

A new commercial $$$ BASIC with substantial resources. Wow! I'll be watching to see how they grow. It is not a very supportive environment for a monetized BASIC out there, with all the other popular free languages.

Theo Gottwald

Its by far not new.
RealBasic is a very old project.
Also what i am missing there is simple support for Assembler and DLL's.
So to me this looks like a Games Basic for children.

Johan Klassen

I tested RealBasic some years ago, as far as I know it doesn't support inline assembler but it does support DLL's, but it was quite tedious to import the functions
but they have polished the product since then, the 2 things that should make you consider using XOJO is the visual designer and that with one source you can build for Windows, Mac and Linux

Anthon Com

Sadly, XOJO is actually a tokenized basic and needs an interpreter to interpret
it.  It can be hacked and its source code is in plain text (tokenized form).
It does not compile to the machine codes like O2 or PowerBasic or PureBasic .

Its only advantage is that it can run on numerous platforms like Windows, Max , Linux.
O2 is still the best overall.