bin2db Version 3

Started by Steve Hutchesson, March 20, 2010, 08:14:59 AM

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Steve Hutchesson

Its been a pleasure to get back to writing real code, I have been working in HTML for a couple of weeks and it is a genuine toothless terror and even PHP only just brightens it up. I confess to disliking script languages with a vengeance.

This version has been rebuilt in a new interface with an RGB/a toolbar strip which should be big enough to read in the dark. I did not like the earlier interface that used the toolbar as a 3 option radio button so I changed the internal logic slightly to set a flag instead of reading the toolbar. It displays the selected option on the toolbar.

Theo Gottwald

Brice Manuel

Steve Hutchesson

Thanks Brice, Theo,

Glad someone liked it.  ;D