Can anyone tell me where can be downloaded?

Started by Ken Levin, August 15, 2016, 01:53:20 AM

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Ken Levin

Hi, I was trying to run some sample code posted by Jose demonstrating the use of SAPI and am unable to find the SAPIUTILS.INC file and don't see a dll using the PB Com browser that looks like it can be used to create the file.  I have the latest api headers file from Jose.

Thanks in advance.

Ken Levin

Paul Elliott


Check in SAPI.INC of the latest release. There is a section "H E L P E R    F U N C T I O N S"
at the end. It looks like Jose moved them onto the end of the main INC file.

You can probably just comment out the line and see if it compiles.

José Roca

SAPIUTILS.INC belongs to the headers for the PB9 compiler and it is deprecated. The functions were incorporated in the SAPI.INC file in the headers for PB 10 and use the new WSTRING data type, instead of STRING and UCODE$/ACODE$.

Be aware that all the code written for PB9 that uses unicode needs to be changed for PB10.