The Smart-Package-Robot Speed-Table

Started by Theo Gottwald, October 15, 2020, 08:35:36 PM

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Theo Gottwald

I guess most users have never seen that it even exists.
Its hidden behind the DMP.-Command.
You may know "DMP.6" which will give you a Picture of the STACK.
But using "DMP.1" you will get the "Speed Table" of the currently running Script.

It shows for every executed Line:
- how many CPU Ticks it has needed totally
- how often it was executed

Also you can see all Macros expanded. Therefore this is a nice helper in debugging Scripts.
Because you can just look "If a line was executed or not" and even how often.
You will also see which parts of the Script need most time.

As you can see in the Script below, an empty line needs on my computer between 14 and 30 CPU-Ticks including the Time for the Single-Step Debug in the Editor. Do not forget to compile as EXE before doing real measurement about Speed. Because the Editor will add too much tolerance to all commands.