Self installing Package with DaVinci Studio 17 and the Smart Package Robot

Started by Theo Gottwald, December 13, 2020, 02:09:43 PM

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Theo Gottwald

Whats your favourite Video-Editor?
I have been using "Pinnacle Ultimate" since Version 12 in the past.
That was the time when a Box for Software was as large as 2 Telephone-Books, and included a big handbook and also a included free Green-Board. Since then a lot has changed.
While the price for the software did not change, these days you do not even get a package, you will just download the software and burn it on your own Disk.
Also there is no more Greenboard and the Handbook is a PDF that you may print out yourself. The quality also dropped.

While the rendering with Pinnacle was quite fast, there were sometimes black spots in the final outcome (you will see them here in some of my videos). The reason seemed to be missing Video Memory as they sometimes dissapeared if I re-rendered after a reboot.
To also say something positive about Pinnacle: While it crashes a lot the recovery handler works mostly fine. Also the rendering speed is fast and the Included "Music AI" makes the best background music from all products.

Later I used Magix "Video Pro X" because I wanted to avoid the crashes.
But the usage was not easy and intuitive and its rendering was not as fast as i thought it should be.
The good thing about this program is its Screen Recorder. Its the only one that really supports 4K Realtime that I have found.

NOW to DaVinci Studio.
After searching the WEB for Alternatives I found DaVinci Resolve. Its even free in the smaller Version, but it still has a lot more features in many parts then the costly programs. Below you will find a link where you can download it free.
Note that there are 2 versions and we use in here the Studio Version this is the larger version that is not free.

What we are going to do in this Video, is:
We will make a Self-Running Installation for "DaVinci Resolve Studio" for the Installation, and for the Uninstallation using the Smart-Packager Robot Automation Scripting System.

Details on the Smart Package Robot, see here:

Details on DaVinci Resolve Studio see here:

Here is the YouTube Link to the Video.

01:02 Introduction / what we are going to do in the Video
02:10 Preview: what do get in this Video?
03:36 Preview Uninstallation
04:06 Updating the SPR using ONLINE Update. This is important because we use new Features. Some are shown here.
09:54 Recording the Installation using SPR-InstaRec
12:45 The "sticky RAW Component" and how to uninstall it.
15:52 Recording the Uninstallation(s)
17:50 Testing the Installation: The Checkmark-Problem and Solution
22:12 Continue Testing the Installation.
22:44 Optimizing the Installation
24:44 Optimizing the Un-Installation(s): Putting the all together.
Sidenote: I did not change the Error-Number, they are still all starting with "10001", so that's one additional step that i can recommend when putting scripts together.
35:20 Test it once more. This time it will just work.
37:44 Prepare the Script to run on the "Private Desktop".
37:54 Run the Scripts on the "private Desktop".
42:42 End