Was the Patriot System destroyed or not?

Started by Theo Gottwald, May 21, 2023, 07:21:40 AM

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Theo Gottwald

First it was declared "Fake News", now US officially said that the Patriot was "damaged but not destroyed" (See CNN Video below).
At the same time a new Patriot System is been moved from Polen to Ukraine (see Borzikman Video).

Now if i think about it, there is a Missile and it attacks with a speed of 15000 km/h.

And it seemed to have hit a target (because they say it was just damaged - not destroyed *CNN).
How much Armour should that target have?

Some technical insights on the Kinzhal-Missile.

Here is the official US statement, which proofs that the Missile was not shot down but "damaged the Patriot system".

Here you can see that Israel wanted to provide Ukraine their "Iron Dome System".

But after the destruction of the Patriot System, Israel my have re-thought that Idea.
And they will not provide the Iron Dome to Ukraine any more.

Its just not good for Business if your weapons get destroyed from those Rockets that they should destroy.

So Signs look like this topic will soon be "out of Media". To prevent people ask questions.

Let me add that the "Patriot" System is a big waste of Money.
Not only every Fireworks Rocket will cost 4 Mio$ (that is 4 Houses for each a full Family for their lifetime!)

But also the Whole System costs additionally 500 Mio.$ - that is 500 to 1000 Houses for Families, nearly a small Town!!

Think about it. When did your state last time built 1000 Houses for young families?
They say they have no money. But they have it for Rockets and Bombs.

At least we know that generally it is possible to invest in houses for families,
as it was done in the past, see pictures.

REichssiedlungsbau - Copy.jpg  Siedlung3 - Copy.jpg

Today in Germany they are planning Laws to forbid young families to have their own houses.
They say "its a waste of land".

Of course Weapons are never a waste of Land or money.