PowerBasic - will it recover or is the Air out?

Started by Theo Gottwald, December 06, 2012, 09:40:33 PM

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Theo Gottwald

Steve ... how do you get to this secret knowledge?
Besides that, even if there is somebody, your knowledge in Optimizations in just that area is unique as i see it.

From what i have seen in last times from PB i did not have the impression that there are hidden ASM Gurus available.
Stan ... you know that a PB x64 is just what we all want. But who cares at PB.inc?

As Plan B I am discussing with Charles Options, as he has already an "Compiler-sort of thing" (looks however actually a bit like C to me)
running and is very interested in modern technologies.

Means as Plan B it would be needed some modifications to eat PB Source code.
Some features he has will possibly even beat current PB Implementations.

PS: I have removed some posts that were off-topic. We should stay here about PB.

Carlo Pagani

Same IP so no, not a mirror. Both domains owned by PB

Eric Pearson

WHOIS says the IP is  Just an alias for powerbasic.com, right?

Carlo Pagani

No, simple nslookup did the trick for me. Both return IP

Theo Gottwald

Yes, looks like both are DOWN 08:42 MEZ 20-12-12.
         21-12-10:56 PB is DOWN.

Could it be that that are attacked (in the same way like our forum some time ago)?

Today we got a statement from Jim Bailey:

If i get it right, i would say that PB should now be a bit more stable from now.

He did not say much at all.

Theo Gottwald

Actually PB seems to be down again?
Und up again ... 12:48

Carlo Pagani

Down again?

PowerBASIC - First in starting a new trend of a web site with operating hours - If only they would post the hours on the home page?

Theo Gottwald

14:04 MEZ ... we are DOWN again.
Is the site under attack, like our forums before?
Or do they have a Quota, if exceeded (per day) the y go down?

Chris Holbrook

Maybe they have become Protectionist. After all, why should they run their servers while most of their customers are sleeping?

Frederick J. Harris

Haven't read yet what Jim Bailey posted about the outages, but I'm having one of my common sleepless nights (I oftentimes don't sleep well), and I decided to get up n the middle of the night here (same time zone PowerBASIC is in) and see if the site was down.  It isn't.  My local time now is about 3:20 AM US Eastern Standard Time.  I haven't had any experience with the PowerBASIC site being down at all for weeks.  However, everyone seems to be saying its down while I'm sleeping.  Well, its the middle of the night, I'm not sleeping, and it isn't down.  Having settled that searing question, maybe I can get back to sleep!   ;D

Steve Hutchesson

I would not lose too much sleep over the intermittent availability of the PB website. Anyone who has ever had to handle changes over the holiday period knows what the problems are. people away on vacation, ISPs with skeleton staff, apparently some stuffup with getting rid of the old connection in their new office and so on. Jim's post makes it clear that the intent is to get it all up and going again reliably so its just a matter of time and everybody being available to get the job done.

Now don't you guys wish you had another language to play with as well, MASM for instance.  ;D

Stan Duraham

QuoteMASM for instance

then all your nights would be sleepless